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Built-in SEO tools

Ghost provides built-in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to help improve your website's visibility in search engine results. It allows you to optimize meta titles, descriptions, and URLs, making it easier for search engines to understand and rank your content.

Membership and subscription support

Ghost has built-in features for creating membership and subscription-based websites. You can offer exclusive content, provide gated access, and manage user subscriptions and payments.

Minimal and intuitive interface

One of the standout features of Ghost is its focus on simplicity and ease of use. The platform is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, so even novice bloggers can get up and running quickly.

Speed and performance

Ghost is built to prioritize speed and performance. It is a lightweight platform that ensures your website loads quickly, enhancing the user experience and improving your search engine rankings.

Ghost Pro Hosting

Get the highest quality managed Ghost CMS hosting services and focus on providing your audience with valuable content.

Theme Features


You can adjust theme colors and fonts to your style and needs. We provide guidelines that will help you to do it.

Easy to Use

Our themes are easy to use even if your are just starting with Ghost. With every theme you will get detail documentation with instructions on how to set up and customize the theme, and if you get stuck we are always here to help you.

Regularly Updated, Secure & Stable

You will regularly get theme updates with new theme features and bug fixes. Also we make sure that our themes are compatible with the newest Ghost version.

Well Supported

If you need help setting up your site we provide swift, one-on-one email support. We know our themes inside out, ask us anything.

Mobile Ready

As mobile becomes the most used platform for web browsing, it is vitally important to have responsive website. Our themes are created to work on a broad range of devices, from mobile phones, tablets to desktop computers.

Translation Ready

You can translate theme to you preferred languages with ease.

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"A shout-out for @justgoodthemes - Awesome CS theme support from Asta today. Much appreciated!"

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Nicki Cawood


"I'm a complete beginner and purchasing this has given me a very helpful and responsive support! The theme is also beautiful and I have received compliments from my use of it."

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Dia Bianca Lao

Food blogger

"Thanks for the great customer service and help. Great theme."

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Bennie Carenco


"I received excellent support after purchase of this theme. I would definitely recommend it to others. Thank you!"

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Alexander Bull

Tech entrepreneur